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Regular Spangle Galvanized Steel Coil

The base material of hot-dipped galvanized steel coils is typically low carbon steel or mild steel. The width of hot-dipped galvanized steel coils can vary, but common widths are typically between 600 mm and 1500 mm. The thickness of the steel coil can range from around 0.12 mm to 6.0 mm. The specific thickness will depend on the application and customer specifications.

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Galvanized coil: A thin steel sheet is dipped in a bath of molten zinc to coat its surface with a layer of zinc. It is primarily produced through a continuous galvanizing process, where the rolled steel sheet is continuously immersed in a molten zinc bath to create a galvanized steel sheet. Another variant is the alloyed galvanized steel sheet.


This type of steel panel is also produced using the hot-dip method, but it undergoes an additional step where it is heated to approximately 500°C immediately after emerging from the tank. This process forms a zinc-iron alloy coating on the surface. Galvanized coils exhibit excellent plating adhesion and weldability.


Galvanized steel coils and sheet products find extensive usage in appliances, automobiles, industrial machinery, as well as civil engineering and construction applications.


Product NameHot dipped Galvanized steel Coil
GradeDX51D+Z, DX52D+Z, DX53D+Z, DX54D+Z, S220GD+Z/SGCC/A653/Automotive grade, etc
Spangle coatingBig Spangle, Small Spangle, Spangle-free
Package weight2-6 ton per coil
Width600 mm to 1500 mm (23.6 inches to 59.1 inches)
Thickness0.12mm to 6mm (0.005 inches to 0.236 inches)
Zinc Coating30-275/m2
Sales ModeFactory direct sales
Packing 1.Plastic cap with both ends; 2.Coated with anti-rust oil; 3.Bundle package; 4.Wooden case package; 5.Container or bulk; 6. Special according to customer request.
Application Galvanized steel coil and sheet products are now widely used in appliances, automobiles, other industrial machinery, as well as civil engineering and construction purposes.